Gift Aid

As with all Charities, Gift Aid is an important source for parish income. If you Gift Aid your offering HMRC will refund the tax you have already paid on your donation. Currently the amount refunded to the parish is 25 pence for each Pound you donate. For example if n the course of a year you were to donate £100, your donation would in fact be worth £125 to the parish. Its that easy.
Registering for Gift Aid is very simple.

For your donation to be eligible for Gift Aid, you first need to consider if the amount of income tax you pay each year is more than could be claimed on your donations to the parish. If so, the next step is to complete the card included in your box of parish envelopes and return the card to the parish office. The office will take care of everything else.

You do not have to commit to donating a set amount to the parish. Once you have signed the card you have authorised the parish to include any donation by you in its annual Gift Aid claim to HMRC. You can cancel the arrangement at any time. If your circumstances change and you would no longer pay sufficient tax on your income then you must advise the parish as soon as possible.
If you do not have Parish Offering envelopes but wish to make a donation please call to the parish office and pick up a form. The secretary will be pleased to explain what needs to be done..

Glenavy and Killead Parish is member of the Down and Connor Diocesan Trust
NI Charity No: 103983