Parish Draw 2023

The winners in ‘week 15’ of the Parish Draw were selected on Wednesday 9 August by our oldest parishioner, Ethel.  Denise Crossey, member of the Parish Draw Committee joined Ethel in her garden.

Ethel is a true inspiration with her get up and go attitude to life.  She tends to her garden every day and although the recent very wet weather has affected the blooms, you will agree that they are truly stunning.  She treated us to a few of her ripened tomatoes which are grown in hanging baskets.  Ethel’s garden is a little oasis of beauty and tranquillity.

After a tour of her garden, which Ethel has grown from seed she drew the winning numbers and the ‘winners’ were Maureen McLornan £500, Kathleen O’Hara £100, and Mary Mulholland £50.  Congratulations to our winners and a special thank you to Ethel for her hospitality and allowing us to visit her garden.